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There's a new singing channel in town!

episode 1 – Our Story

Jackie & Michael met at ‘Vocal Coach School’ – after many late nights discussing singing, how to sing, teaching each other secret tips (and a few bottles of wine), they decided to get together and make a video.

Episode 1 of ‘That Singing Show’ was born

After receiving so many positive comments, they decided to make it a thing, create a channel and share singing tips, industry secrets, vocal coach reaction videos and common sense advice with singers and vocalists like you from around the world.

Episode 1 – That Singing Show – Pilot Video

Fresh content

Every week, we bring you:

  • Singing Tips
  • Vocal Coach Reaction Videos
  • How To’s
  • Breakdowns of entire songs
  • Latest Research
  • Videos of Us Singing LIVE

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Skype Singing Lessons – Now Available

After months of setting up the show and setting up the channel - we are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer Skype singing lessons to a global audience. So no matter where you are in the world - we can help you get the absolute best out of your voice - in...